GUISE in 4x10 Elena Said she was in love with Damon

(im probably late on this but whatever)  so she said that but you know how the number one rule of the sire bond is too do what the person says and make them happy, well what If Elena thought she owed Damon the ” I love you” like she remembers all of the compulsion, (when damon said he loved her in particular) so maybe she thought that saying that would make him happy which it obviously it did. She was just constantly trying to please him the sex, the kissing, the I love you. What if it was all just bologna. seriously think about it. She couldn’t admit to having feeling for Stefan because she knew it wouldn’t make damon happy, sire bond is most likely stronger than compulsion. I don’t see how damon would mind Elena telling Stefan not to erase her memory because she knew he would probably be happy with it because Stefan was the one who had to live with the memories. She told Damon that she barely remembered her and Stefan at the lakehouse because that probably made him happy to hear. He finally won her over is what hes thinking. It all was just to make Damon happy, saying she’d grow old with him, have a human life with him. All of it was for him. Now I know that basically she made that clear in 4x19 but now basically we can almost be 100% positive that she meant what she said but just didn’t have the balls or Physical capability of saying it while under the influence of the Sire Bond.